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Landscaping With Heavy Machinery

Heavy machinery in Miami is revolutionizing how landscaping is being done. If you’re thinking of enhancing the appeal of your property In Miami, be it residential or commercial, landscaping is the way to go. You might be wondering whether to use manual labor or use the assistance of heavy machinery. Of course, as you shall soon realize, using heavy machinery has compelling advantages over manual labor.

In most cases landscaping involves a lot of earth movement; there are trenches to dig, tree roots to dig up and general holes to dig in preparation for the actual refinement of your property. This is a lot of work by any standards whether it is for a residential or commercial property.

Landscaping with an ecavator

Benefits Of Using Heavy Machinery

Excavators are landscaping machines used to excavate sloped land, dig general holes, dig trenches and dig up tree roots. These machines are also handy when it comes to digging up holes for pool areas. There are two basic categories of excavators:

Mini Excavators

These are small, compact machines that are suitable for your residential landscaping projects. If the piece of land you intend to landscape is small and does not present a difficult terrain, these mini excavators might be your ideal choice. Why do we say so? The relatively small size of these excavators makes them move around easily in smaller areas. This makes them perfect for the front and backyards.

Excavator rental companies provide you with excavators that are fitted with all the essential accessories, including earth movers, jackhammers, and loaders. The earth mover comes in handy when moving large chunks of earth from one location to the next. The jackhammer will effectively drill through concrete, rock, and pavement. While the loader helps in loading any materials such as sand, rocks, or wood chips into any other equipment.

Remember that all these features are utilized throughout the landscaping process. A beneficial attribute of the mini excavators is that they are powered by efficient low horsepower engines. This means getting a mini excavator from an excavator rental company in Miami will save on your fuel costs. Despite the small engine size, you will be pleasantly surprised by the power that these mini excavators deliver. Unless your property has a difficult terrain, you will find these excavators to be reliable companions in any small landscaping project.

Large Excavators

These are bigger machines with more power than their mini counterparts. These machines can be used for various types of landscaping projects including commercial, industrial, farms and rural excavation. Usually, these machines come with a turbo powered diesel engine which is necessary to power the extra weight. They offer immense digging power that will work through the hardest rock, concrete, soil, and clay. Excavator rental in Miami offers large excavators that also feature the three main components mentioned earlier namely the jackhammer, earth mover, and a loader. However, these components are not necessarily part of the machine but rather can come as attachments to be connected when necessary. So if your piece of land you want to do landscaping is large or has difficult terrain that requires this kind of fierce power, a large excavator would be best suited for the job at hand.

Common Uses Of Excavators In Landscaping

The excavator is used to perform many vital landscaping tasks with ease and precision. Some common tasks include, but are not limited to the following;

Clearing parcels of land for projects such as landscaping.

Creating decorative water features.

Excavators buckets and the blades can create any intended landscape effect in a very short time.

Auger make it easy for you to drill holes needed for planting and fencing.

Its long reach can also set trees right in place on sloppy hillsides and other unfriendly terrains.

The hydraulic thumb can come in handy anytime you want to grasp and move bulky objects. This option is useful for moving huge debris or tree trunks.


Why Not Manual Labor?

In almost all endeavors that can be done using the right mechanical technology, manual labor proves to be much slower than machine labor. Think of how long it would take a team of people to just plant a tree. Certainly, it would be much longer than if you were to use heavy equipment such as an excavator.

Difficult to manage the project

You don’t want to spend inordinate amounts of time overseeing teams of employees. The more employees you have for your  landscaping job, the more challenging it becomes to manage them. In any case managing these people and ensuring they stick to the details can be very tasking.

Cost Efficiency

Paying teams of people to do the excavation is quite costly. Remember these people will take longer to do the work that an excavator can accomplish in a relatively shorter time, not to mention the chances these employees may get injured. With these factors in mind, consider the following compelling advantages of using an excavator instead of manual labor.

Pros Of Using Excavators

Renting an excavator is a sure way to perform difficult landscaping tasks in a much shorter time. You want to have your landscaping completed in the shortest amount of time possible while still maintaining quality work. The excavator will dig the holes and trenches much faster than a hired hand could.

Excavators will perform feats that would take manual labor ages to accomplish. Think about digging trenches on an extremely hard rock. Manual labor will not be able to accomplish this in a day or two. Or when you want to load debris on a truck for disposal, doing so manually would be clumsy and slow. The immense power of the excavator makes it the best equipment to handle your landscaping requirements.

With an excavator, you do not have to pay crowds of employees. When you do your calculations you will realize it is much cheaper to use an excavator than to employ people to do the job.

Precision in landscaping is something you cannot ignore. You want your landscape to come out just like it is on the blueprint. Manual labor is capable of delivering this, but at a much higher cost of money and time. Renting an excavator will give the all-important peace of mind that your landscape will come out just as you have envisioned it.